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The Failure Cycle – Part 3

If you haven’t experienced failure, I submit that you aren’t attempting new things. Let’s talk about the 7 Habits of “the failure cycle”.

The Failure Cycle – Part 2

If you haven’t experienced failure, I submit that you aren’t attempting new things. Let’s talk about the 7 Habits of “the failure cycle”.

The Failure Cycle

If you haven’t experienced failure, I submit that you aren’t attempting new things. Let’s talk about the 7 Habits of “the failure cycle”.

Charge The Storm!

Interest rates, inventory shortages, fearful clients, crashes, bubbles. You cannot control these things, but you can expect and handle them. Problems are opportunities for you to shine!

525,600 Minutes – How Do You Measure A Year

Tracking and measuring progress is important in business, and mid-year provides that halftime in the game for resetting for the second half.

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Things are not always as they appear, and if you take the time to question what you observe, you may find opportunity.

Reset Part Two

It is time to ensure that we are staying true to our mission, vision, values, and beliefs and make adjustments where needed.

Reset Part One

We have officially reached mid-year.The NAR Mid-Year meetings are being held in Washington, D.C. And typically things are heating up —both the temperature and the real estate market.

Get In The Game

Get FOCUSED. Get INTENTIONAL. Get real about FINDING SOLUTIONS in the Real Estate market. If agents wish to be successful. they MUST concentrate on the solutions, not the problems. Let’s talk about getting into the GAME!

One Degree Makes All The Difference

Harnessing the power of 1 degree can be broken down into a few simple (I didn’t say easy!) steps. Your next biggest breakthrough (and mine too) depends on a series of actions possibly as small as 1 degree.

The Question of Leadership

Five questions that require brutally honest answers, yet are imperative to determining whether you are or can be a great leader.

Choosing Your Perspective

Choosing your perspective can shape the new year. Each of us has the power to change the message we tell ourselves and to adjust our lens to empower ourselves to prevail and thrive in business.

Improve Your Communication – Improve Your Connection

Being intentional and aware of our communication is just the beginning. We must be clear about the difference between reacting and responding. It is important to consider the desired outcome of a conversation/meeting. What can we learn? How can we connect with this person?

C Rated Movies

Yes, there is a mindset around movies! This is why I propose the C Movie Rating and want to debut my first C WARNING movie list.


Nurturing our relationships, embracing change and giving up the search for perfection allows for a relationship growth mindset.

Control Freak

In my experience, frustration results from lack of control; loosening the reins allows growth. We should shift our focus from control to growth and watch our environment and opportunities EXPAND.


After years of denial, I embrace the fact that I am OCD & not just quirky. I am now a proud member of the group who admits it.


Has anyone ever told you that you should be SELFISH? Sometimes, we must secure our own oxygen masks BEFORE we can help others with theirs!


KEEPING IT SIMPLE SOUNDS SO EASY, BUT CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT. Adding too much to our proverbial plates is not healthy.  If we choose to add something, then something else must be removed to make room. We must make CHOICES.


USE THE WORDS OF HATERS TO CHALLENGE, NOT DESTROY! HATERS are intimidated by those who refuse to lower themselves to their standards.  Don’t let them bully you into being less than you are; KEEP DOING MORE.


TAKE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!  It’s not someone else’s job to make your life better, it’s YOURS.  You must decide how to make room for not only that which is vital but those things that make life worth living.


Regret is nothing more than wishing a mistake away. How much sleep have you lost obsessing over something you wish you had not said or done? We should channel our regret and recognize it as a signal to change.


What does it take to truly feel free? To fully experience the freedom you desire, you must build an internal freedom mindset from scratch, brick by brick.

Your Tribe

Your tribe are the people who you want to “do life” with, and they have seen you at both your best and worst. Our tribes talk straight, no bs, no excuses and no judgment. They love us for who we are.


Let’s talk about ASSUMPTIONS

You know the saying “to ASSUME – makes an ass out of you and me”, WELL IT’S THE HONEST TRUTH!


Let’s talk about an idea that is terrifying to most of us – CHANGE. As George Bernard Shaw said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”