Get In The Game

The barrage of messages bombarding us can seem like heavy traffic and honking horns is taking place in our heads.

Interest rates, inflation, recession – these are just a few of the concerns challenging our clarity. The noise causes our thoughts to collide. Then add the worries about what to feed the family tonight, preparing for the listing appointment, filing taxes, getting the car inspected (who has time for that), and a tightening real estate market – I can feel the
anxiety mounting just writing about it!

BREATHE. Take a few slow and deep breaths. Decide to step away from the clamor for a moment and get clarity. (You may remember in an earlier column we discussed perspective.) We must PAUSE in order to assess our situation and make purposeful decisions.


The first step is to determine what we can and can’t control. And we still have power in how we respond to things beyond our control! The key is to respond and not to react. This requires FOCUS. And we must determine who we are as professionals. Decide what kind of agent and fiduciary you choose to be. Then be INTENTIONAL in making sure that your actions align with that vision.

Having a real estate sales business is work. Servicing buyers and sellers is demanding and that’s why we get paid to do it! If real estate sales were simple and problems never happened, then no one would need us. Embrace the opportunity to sharpen your skills and raise your level of expertise and service. Go FIND SOLUTIONS! This will require scratching below the surface, digging deeper. Put another way, you will have to play offense, not defense. Winning requires planning, preparation, and execution. Shake the bushes and find what you need!

For instance, we cannot control the economy or interest rates, BUT we can make sure that we have lenders who are problem solvers and can offer numerous loan products to our clients. We must have lenders who can analyze a client’s situation, provide the best options for them, and focus on a comfortable monthly payment rather than an interest rate.

With inventory still tight we cannot simply rely on what is available in the MLS for our buyers. (And I am not talking about mailing a letter to a neighborhood, although that is better than nothing.) Which agents are active in the area or type of housing your client wants? Call them and tell them what you are looking for. Ask them who might be thinking
about selling or would consider selling. Shake the Bushes! Putting together an “off market” sale takes some work, but you will reap benefits with your clients and with your colleagues.

Call your clients and sphere of influence. Ask who they know that may be considering buying or selling real estate. Tell them you are working to generate business! They will be flattered that you think enough of them to ask their advice. And they will appreciate the fact that you understand the market and are digging for inventory for your clients. Who wouldn’t want an agent like that working for them?

Do you have a listing coming and are concerned about how quickly it will move? Call other active agents and ask them to take a look at it- tell them you want them to know about it firsthand. This kind of networking and collaboration will be a game changer for you. You will know more and have better relationships with co-op agents.