Mindset – Action – Success

Coaching, Training, & Events


We strive to create an environment so that our customers, agents, and clients have a mindset of abundance. Yet, recognize that they must take action and do the work. Only then will success come at the level they desire and allow them to build wealth and have financial freedom. Envision a future where your choices control not only your passions but for the freedom they can provide. We love to work with people dedicated to working hard, finding the grit to succeed, and giving back to their communities in a big way. 

Range of Services.


We provide coaching for real estate agents and brokers and one-on-one coaching to a diverse array of business owners, with the arching focus of keeping it simple. Our specialty consists of proven models and systems that we personalize to fit the vision of your business.


We don’t waste our time on long conversations, strategies, or techniques. All of our coaching and training sessions focus on three key areas; celebrations, clarity, and achievement. Celebrate your successes; gain clarity in your focus, and structure your future path.


Mindset and motivation are the keys to executing individualized business or personal growth. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, or looking for an intimate group setting, our virtual and in-person events are committed to move your business in the right direction.

What Our Clients Say.

Our Team

Our culture is what everyone who works at the Freedom Companies strives for each day, and they apply to any entrepreneur we work with. We believe our success is determined by our ability to maintain our FREEDOM, which is defined by our culture.