Reset Part One

We have officially reached mid-year. The NAR Mid-Year meetings are being held in Washington, D.C. And typically things are heating up —both the temperature and the
real estate market. As business people, we all know the importance of tracking and reviewing our numbers — active leads,pending sales, closed units and volume, expenses, etc. Next month, we will look at that in Reset Part Two.

Part One addresses your foundation and your North Star. The RESET button begins with visiting them and taking stock of how things are. This is a critical part of business, yet we are rarely, if ever, challenged to do it. How easy it is to forget.You chose to start a business and your business is a reflection of YOU, the owner. How aligned is your busi-
ness with your values, beliefs, and principles? Do the people you work with know what you stand for and what is important to you? Do your business practices reflect your values and beliefs?

Reset Part One strips away the furnishings and reveals the structural integrity of our business. It requires the reflection and answers to:
What is my Mission?
What is my Vision?
What are my Values?
What are my Beliefs?

Polishing the lens on your North Star allows you to see what needs tuning
up or repair. Perhaps you even detect some deferred maintenance and commit to tackle it.

How could we better connect our standards of service to our personal standards and values? How can we better communicate and demonstrate our values and beliefs?

Years ago, I heard Brian Buffini say, “When your values are clear, your decisions are easy. ”Those words have stayed with me and have empowered me. It is also why I believe RESET must begin with the foundation and at the heart of the leader.

The law is spelled out and applies to us all, so it is pretty easy to abide by it. There are many more situations that are not covered by law or by our REALTOR® Code of Ethics that require personal decisions which are closely tied to our personal values and
beliefs. Next, how clear are your team members and your business associates about your Mission, Vision, Values, and Beliefs? We need the people who in some way represent us to reflect us as well. This only happens if we clearly and consistently communicate by our words and actions, who and what we are.

Reset Part One is brutally honest work that clears our path for a much easier journey.