Charge The Storm!

Unexpected events happen — life is filled with them. Natural disasters, illnesses, economic changes, you name it. Things often don’t go as planned, and we face surprises and challenges over which we have little to no control.

In the face of uncertainty or fear, however, we can control our response; and it is often in our “problems” that opportunity abounds. Deciding our approach ahead of time will determine whether we succumb to our reactions and impulses or whether we respond
with decisive action and strategy.

Interest rates, inventory shortages, fearful clients, crashes, bubbles. You cannot control these things, but you can expect and handle them. Problems are opportunities for you to shine!

What can we learn from cows and buffalo on the plains of Colorado? How can they teach us about our business practices and how to persevere through challenges?

Storms come over the mountains in Colorado and sweep across the plains. When the cows see a storm coming, they react by turning and running away from it. While this strategy may seem natural, the reality is that cows aren’t very fast and cannot outrun the storm. When the storm catches up with them, they can’t escape. In trying to outrun the storm, they are actually subject to it much longer. They are running with the storm, which increases their agony and prolongs their pain.

Buffalo, however, take a completely different tack. When they sense a storm is coming, they gather. They wait until they see it rolling towards them and then respond by charging directly into the storm — and thus, straight through it! By responding head-on, the buffalo spends less time in the storm. Yes, it takes strength to charge the storm, but it is that extra effort that gets them through it faster and with less damage.

Expect and prepare for the unexpected. Life happens! By knowing who you are and deciding to take action, you will drive into and through any storm that arises. Sitting on the sidelines or running away is not how businesses and careers thrive.

Make the decision to charge the storm! The winners will be on the other side.