Freedom Vendors.

Our goal is simple - to connect like minded businesses with other like minded businesses. We are excited to see what these vendor partnerships develop into and how we can elevate each other to increasing business revenue and even more so on how we can build even stronger relationships with each other!

Jennifer Walker

Phone: (804) 482-9985

Ray and Jennifer McMurdy

Phone: (804) 639-1171


Kenny Wallace

Office: 804-893-3446  Cell: 804-334-5115

Mary Garner DeVoe

Phone: (804) 453-8757

Steve Florian

Phone: (804) 868-5533

Ann Pershing

Phone: (719) 313-3248

Jordan DiCaprio

Phone: (804) 665-9687

Brent Thompson

Phone:  (804)-986-0596

Brandon & Kate Lewis

Phone: B) 804-502-2024 K) 804-319-0593

Orice Collins

Phone: (804) 437-1452


Brandon Reilly

Phone: (804) 516-0818