The Failure Cycle – Part 3

PART 3 OF 3 The Failure Cycle


Welcome back to Part Three of The Failure Cycle. Last month we identified the 7 Habits most likely to contribute to “the failure cycle” and dove deep into the top three, now let’s discuss the last four in depth. 



I think we can agree that negativity surrounds us; simply turn on the news, answer the call from a friend having a bad day, or tune in to the thoughts swirling within our own heads. How do we drown out all the noise so we can thrive rather than fail? The first step is to add positive resources to our daily lives. Select a favorite mindset podcast, or grab an uplifting e- book and listen while preparing for the day! Intentionally filling our cups with positive resources allows us to find perspective and maintain a positive mindset to counteract that newscast, phone call or even your own thoughts.



How do we know if we are caught up in the so-called “failure cycle”? Resisting change is extremely telling. Whether good or bad, change is a part of our everyday lives. Yet, sometimes we are hesitant to make difficult choices; we hold back during conversations, or maybe we feel frozen when completing daily activities. Resistance prevents us from choosing a path. This internal hesitation is synonymous with a temper tantrum response to the outside world. Failure thrives in resistance, and the only way to conquer resistance is with direct action. So, trust your instincts and make the hard choice, voice your opinion and block out the noise.



When a client mentions feeling overwhelmed we say. “Show me your desk.” Invariably, the desk is in some degree of chaos. So we ask that they own it, take direct action and clean up the mess. While the deconstruction and organization process may be less than enjoyable, once completed a sense of accomplishment arises. Suddenly, the client “feels so much better”. There are two reasons why cleaning a workspace is the first step to controlling chaos. First, the focus is on something within our control vs variants outside of our control. Second, clarity creates a clear path to both the physical utensils necessary for next steps and to the broader picture within our life/business. Chaos is a trap that steals our full potential. Chaos can be the mindset or the physical manifestation of failure.  So go clean your desk; it’s a start.



Ahh, the final stage in the cycle of failure is often the hardest to identify and also the most difficult to break! It’s interesting that many sales people are introverts camouflaged as extroverts. Thus, isolation may actually be welcomed or chosen unintentionally.  Skipping the latest happy hour or family event can be a healthy choice, but isolation runs deeper. Retracting from meaningful daily interaction with others, essentially just “going through the motions” contributes to failure because humans are designed to thrive together. While the dynamics may look different, everyone relies on a tribe or community in some form or fashion. Connection is essential and fuels our ability to navigate success in the midst of life’s disappointments. So get dressed and make it happen!