Welcome to The Dish where Drew DeMaree & guests serve up a healthy dose of reality each week.  This blog is about keeping it real ~ real challenges, real distractions, real life getting in the way of, well…virtually everything.  How we view our realities depends on individual mindset, and we want to discuss WHY MINDSET MATTERS.


How many times have you heard people refer to their OCD tendencies?  Many people readily admit that they suffer from OCD and embrace it because it makes them who they are.  I used to think I was a laid back, go with the flow sort of guy.  As my business grew and I began hiring my team, I would say, “I’m not particular” when asked about various work topics.  Then as we added more people to our team, I would say “I’m not particular” when asked a question, and my original team member would say “you think you aren’t particular, but you like things a certain way…you are picky”.  I thought to myself, no I’m not, but as we were discussing colors, fonts and logo designs, I said, “I don’t like feet!”  My Freedom family laughed and asked me if I had a foot fetish.  I was talking about the font; I do not like the fonts with the line at the bottom of the letter, and I refer to them as feet.  Is that odd?  Am I more particular that I realized?

As I reflected back on my personal and professional likes and dislikes, I discovered that I am OCD, and now I am a member of the group who simply admits it.  In fact, I may need to attend a meeting and begin a program.  I have a place for EVERYTHING.  My keys, shoes, dishes, jacket, work materials, they each have a place, and if they are moved, a chat is in order because it rocks my world.  This is entertaining to my wife, Kim, who is my polar opposite.  In fact, her consistent daily questions are “Where is my phone; where are my keys?”

One could say I am just organized, but let’s take a deeper dive.  If I find a pair of pants or shirt I like, I buy 3.  I only use one kind of pen based on the style, fit in my hand and the way the writing looks. My day is in total disarray if my pen is not available, so I keep multiples. If I walk into your home or office, you may find me straightening framed art that is crooked.  When I pack a suitcase, each item is folded just so and has its place.  I like social media posts, flyers and other printed materials to look “clean and orderly”.  My co-workers accept my quirks and work around them.

Do you have OCD habits?  Are there things that drive you so crazy that you are compelled to correct them even in other people’s homes?  Do you think opposites attract?  Does your spouse/partner/child have similar habits?  While I am no longer in OCD denial, I try not to “sweat the small stuff”.  I understand that these urges are my attempt to control what I can because there are so many things outside of my control.  OCD is real, and it is far worse for some people than others. Some of its features such as being organized are beneficial, but other aspects tend to cause us or others distress.  So, I encourage you to embrace it and tame it if possible; this can save your sanity and that of those around you.  MINDSET definitely MATTERS when living with OCD.