Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

In THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, Stephen Covey tells the story of a Sunday morning on a subway in New York. It was peaceful and quiet with some people reading newspapers. The calm was shattered when a man and his children got on. The children were out of control- throwing things, yelling, and even grabbing peoples’ newspapers. The man simply sat staring down, ignoring his children’s behavior.

Passengers were in disbelief that the father did nothing. Covey finally asked the man to please stop the disruptive behavior and get his children under control. The man looked up, somewhat dazed, and said he was sorry. They were coming from the hospital where the children’s mother had just died.

The passengers had all seen a lazy father with poorly behaved children, BUT what they really saw was a young family in crisis.

What we see may not really be what we “see” at all. Our eyes see something but our brain translates it into a “truth” or a “story”. In the Covey story, it is about what he saw, and it works the same way with what we hear and read.

Homes sales across the country are down year over year, BUT people are still buying and selling homes. According to CVMLS there were 7,055 residential properties sold this year through May. That says that in a 5 month period 7,055 times agents closed opportunities and got paid!

Here is how things REALLY ARE.

 The 3 basic human needs are Food, Clothing, and Shelter. No matter what interest rates are, no matter what inventory is like, the simple fact is people need shelter.
 Lives change and people move. People get married. People have babies. People die. People change jobs. People move to be closer to family. People get divorced.
 People seek professionals to help them with problems. If everything was easy and simple, no one would need us. Doctors solve health problems. Attorneys solve legal problems. Realtors solve real estate problems!
 There are fewer agents in the business. Dilettantes are getting out which raises the level of professionalism. More room for YOU the PRO!

Question the appearance of things – you will likely find opportunity!